Combining SolarWinds’ network monitoring capabilities with your Cisco network can give you the assurance that your system is performing at its optimum.

Ensuring your network stays productive and efficient can be optimised through fault, performance and availability monitoring – and this is where SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) comes in.


SolarWinds NPM is an affordable, easy-to-use network monitoring software that provides complete visibility of the health, performance and security of your Cisco infrastructure. You can detect, diagnose and resolve network performance issues and outages in real-time to accelerate troubleshooting.

NPM automatically discovers and identifies Cisco network devices even if your infrastructure is made up of multiple vendors. If there’s an SNMP enabled device, NPM can monitor its health and performance.

Weather you have a large or small dynamic network, it can be difficult to visualise its performance and health. SolarWinds negates this issue as you can easily create dynamic custom network topology maps that display connectivity and link utilisation. Solarwinds can also display critical performance metrics through fully customisable dashboards and reports.

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If you are not proactively patching your Cisco network, you are leaving yourselves vulnerable to malicious attacks. Ransomware typically exploits gaps in networks where ready available patches could have been implemented to prevent the issue. You need software that automates this process so that your systems stay up-to-date, and with ransomware being a prominent threat on a global status, you need to ensure you stay on top of network issues. SolarWinds Patch Manager provides intuitive reporting to quickly address your Cisco network vulnerabilities.

Download SolarWinds Patch Manager Infographic (Pdf)

Download A Fully Functional 30 Day Demo

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