Remote Connectivity

Connecting to the corporate LAN from home or from a remote office

Remote access to the company network has become a necessity for many modern businesses. Being able to access data whilst on the move is a major benefit that increases productivity and flexibility.

Remote offices can also be connected to the corporate network without the need for dedicated leased lines by using a VPN over the Internet.


At Layer3 networks we are able to offer solutions that provide secure VPN access allowing remote access to your corporate networks from the convenience of your home or while travelling.

Remote access solution should not impede the core business through complicated technical procedures. If it is easy to use, acceptance among its users is significantly higher.


Remote offices can also be connected to the corporate office through a box-to-box VPN configuration.  The costs savings from utilising VPN over a leased line can be significant. Many businesses already have existing VPN infrastructure allowing remote access, but some of these solutions may be too expensive or simply do not provide businesses with level of security that is really needed.  Many companies exercise business continuity and disaster recovery practices involving critical steps such as employees logging into companies resources externally or 3rd party contractors needing critical access at the time of outage.  We realise such technical challenges and strive towards providing companies with the remote access solutions which can reduce business associated risks and allow business continuity and disaster recovery practices pass successfully.

Layer3networks specialise in providing a remote access solution for businesses that the remote access technology implemented meets all requirements while managing them is kept fairly simple.