Market Data Support

At Layer3 Networks we have the experience of designing and troubleshooting Market Data Networks and understand that Next-generation trading architectures have to respond to increased demands for speed, volume, and efficiency.

There is no industry standard for market data formats and Infrastructure, therefore we offer bespoke designs to suit your needs.

The network plays a critical role in the trading environment. Market data needs to be carried to the trading floor in a high speed , reliable and secure manner providing high availability and low latency as well as high throughput, as these are most important metrics.

For some companies this may mean improving the speed and efficiency of their FX trading desk. For others, it may be about having a reliable, managed network that connects their customers to their trading platforms 24x7.

We can evaluate you networks and advise on changes and improvements to existing Market Data sources or help you plan for a new source.

We specialise in 

  • Multicast setup and troubleshooting

  • Low latency market data feeds delivered directly from exchanges for equities, derivatives and commodities.

  • Application connectivity issues

  • Securing your Market Data feeds