Network Consultancy

Whether you are looking to implement a new network architecture or redesign your exisitng one, Layer3 Networks have the expertise to advise you on an appropriate course of action.
Our consultancy team are well versed in the proven Cisco methodology for network design or network re-engineering and understand the importance of security, availability and scaleability in modern network design.

Our consultancy services can incorporate one, or all of the following:

  • New Network Design/Network Re-design

Our team of design engineers are very experienced in designing networks from the ground up. They are equally at home re-engineering existing networks that no longer perform as desired or at optimal efficiency.​

  • Network Documentation & Diagrams Audit

It is easy to lose track of your network infrastructure. Networks that have been implemented in a hurry to fulfil an immediate business requirement tend to grow organically over time without proper planning. Employees responsible for supporting those network come and go, and undocumented knowledge tends to go with them, leaving behind a knowledge void that could lead to network issues that are difficult and time consuming to troubleshoot, and a network that operates at sub-optimal levels. 

  • Network Hardware Audit

The operational life of network hardware is for as long as the hardware is supported by the associated manufacturer. In reality modern network hardware can run for many years without any issues, but if hardware has become 'End-Of-Life' in the eyes of the manufacturer, then that hardware will no longer be eligible for software upgrades and patching. This can leave 'unsupported' hardware as a possible security vulnerability within your corporate network .